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"Thank you... The information you supply is real and generous - fantastic reading. Your honesty is rare. Most books do not really explain 'how' as well as you do." Tracy

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Since 1989 Beverley Paine has steadfastly promoted and supported home education as an educational choice for Australia families. Her books and websites aim to demystify education, gently deschooling families so that they may meet their children's individual and unique educational and developmental needs. Her honesty, insights and wealth of experience continues to bring hope, reassurance and confidence to families.

Home education is a legal alternative to school education in Australia. State and Territory governments are responsible for regulating home education and have different requirements, however home educating families are able to develop curriculum and learning programs to suit the individual needs of their children.
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Natural Learning Answers

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Learning in the
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Natural Learning Diary


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In 1998 Beverley's sixteen year old son taught her the basics of HTML and how to build a web site using Microsoft Front Page and thus Homeschool Australia was born! In 2013 this merged with her other site Unschool Australia to become The Educating Parent. In 1998 Beverley quickly realised that the internet was the perfect place to publish her many articles, collected over a decade of writing about her families experiences with home education.

The Educating Parent, formerly Homeschool Australia and Unschool Australia, is an extensive collection of Beverley's articles and information about home education written over nearly two decades. In them she shares her experience and insights, always wanting to help other families demystify the process of education and make it easier for them to teach their children at home. During this time Beverley battled chronic illnesses that often led to feeling overwhelmed. Her approach to home education is down-to-earth, common sense, child and family friendly. Although Beverley began home educating with a 'school-at-home' approach health issues wrecked havoc with her tidy schedules and careful plans and the children, unattended and playing happily, seemed to learn just as much and effectively without being taught! Since 1989 Beverley has been exploring and writing about natural learning. Unschool Australia collects together her writing on this efficient and effective approach to education!

Every so often Beverley posts on her Homeschool Australia blog, usually in response to a home education or educational topic in the media: read Beverley's blog at

Since 1997,when Beverley self-published her first book, Getting Started with Homeschooling Practical Considerations, she has been writing and selling books designed to help families build confidence as home educators. They are available from her daughter, now a stay-at-home mum, through Always Learning Books.

Beverley was always going to be an author - this was one of her earliest ambitions. At the age of 39 she began writing her first fictional story, a science fiction tale set in the not so distant future, an action packed tale of intrigue and conspiracy. Published by Greater Glider in 2002, The Chimaera Conspiracy remains Beverley's only published book, but it definitely isn't the only fictional story she's written. In the years to come she hopes to entice publishers to produce some of her other finished manuscripts!

Since 1988, when Beverley and Robin moved their family to the Southern Fleurieu Pensinula from the Adelaide Hills and purchased four and a half acres over looking the picturesque Bungala Valley, they have been thinking and working permaculturally. Bungala Ridge Permaculture Gardens offers an insight into the other great passion in Beverley's life.

Jacqui's evocative poetry about life, love, living and letting go... Beverley's sister Jacqui was an inspiration to all who knew her.

A small web site celebrating the Paine family's trip to Ceduna in 2002 to witness the amazing Total Solar Eclipse

Although she doesn't profess to be a gardener, just someone who dabbles in growing and propagating plants, Beverley is passionate about her garden, and especially the wonderful world of flowers... wander around Beverley's Flower Garden site.

Yet more beautiful flowers, this time captured by Beverley's camera while on holiday in Tasmania in 2006 - Table Cape Tulip Farm.

Another highlight from the six week Tasmanian holiday: Sealife Experience cruise on Tasman Peninsula

Coming soon - our New Zealand holiday!

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Welcome to the world of home education - learning without school! We officially began educating our three children in 1985, when our eldest was five years. In truth, we had helped them learn what they need to learn as they grew and explored and discovered this amazing world since the moment they were each born! I am a passionate advocate of allowing children to learn unhindered by unnecessary stress and competition, meeting developmental needs in ways that suit their individual learning styles and preferences. Ours was a homeschooling, unschooling and natural learning family! There are hundreds of articles on this site to help you build confidence as a home educating family. I hope that your home educating adventure is as satisfying as ours was!
Beverley Paine

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After 25 years of being a home educating contact and support person Beverley is passing the mantle on to the many new strong, assertive and confident voices who continues to support and advocate for home education in Australia.
There are very many online support groups, especially on Facebook where families can link with others and share their experiences to learn and grow together in this awesome experience of alternative education. Don't forget to use the search function or browse the contents of this site for specific topcis, advice and information on over 1000 pages!

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